pelicula mexicana  sopladora de hojas

pelicula mexicana  sopladora de hojas

Sopladora de Hojas

2015 | 93 min | Drama, Comedy, Dramedies

Lucas, Emilio and Rubén are three friends united in a special quest: to find a set of lost keys in a pile of dead leaves. What appears to be a simple task will turn into a profound journey that forces the teenagers to confront their fears: of letting go of the past, of facing embarrassing truths, of taking risks... Of growing up. This afternoon, as trivial as it may sound, could change the course of their lives. Or maybe not.


Alejandro Guerrero, Paco Rueda, Fabrizio Santini, Daniel Giménez Cacho

Directed by:

Alejandro Iglesias Mendizabal

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